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Bethesda Residence landscape concept

We are Landscape Architects Committed to Design Excellence.

Craig Richmond Landscape Architects is located adjacent to the Washington, DC border in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. We specialize in sustainable landscape design for commercial, institutional, residential, and civic clients in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington-DC. 


Our goal is to provide designs that are beautiful to look at and functional to the user. In addition, we take pride in working with our clients to understand their project needs.


Craig has designed many public and private projects, including streetscapes, university campuses, high schools, commercial buildings, parks, apartments, and single-family residences. We approach all our projects with open minds and a spirit of collaboration. 


Our design palette consists of wood, stone, concrete, steel, earth, water, and vegetation. We can use these elements to create spaces where people feel comfortable. Through creativity anchored in reality, we develop landscapes designed to last.



Shantha Ranmali
Silver Spring, MD

CRLA helped me turn my tiny rear yard from a soggy eyesore into a lovely garden. Craig designed a landscape plan that allows me to have a colorful landscape without any additional maintenance.


I greatly enjoy watching my garden change with the seasons. 

Neil P. Cruickshank
Principal / Architect,
Architectural Solutions LLC
Silver Spring, MD

Craig prepared the Green Area Ratio Plan for an apartment building with multiple green roofs on top of it in Washington, DC. It was great working with him. 

Steve G.
Digital Artist
Chevy Chase, MD

We are first-time homeowners. We literally know nothing. My wife and I felt comfortable taking Craig’s advice because he explained things thoroughly and gave us the pros and cons of several landscape decisions. 


We didn’t feel pressured because he wasn’t selling us products. 

Concrete block and bluestone steps


CRLA was started in 2008 by Craig Richmond to offer large landscape architectural office capabilities with small office attentive service. He wanted to create a small office where every project was equally important. Where clients would always communicate directly with the owner, and most importantly, the owner is the primary designer. 


When a client works directly with the owner, you're dealing with the person whose name is on the shingle outside. If there's a problem, it can quickly be solved because there's no one else to run things by.


From day one, Craig wanted to set his firm apart by offering bespoke landscape design services at reasonable rates. He insists on providing his clients with the best design his firm can provide for their budget. 


Unfortunately, there are too many examples of high-dollar landscapes that no one wants to use. They are high maintenance, have no seasonal interest, and are boring. At CRLA, we understand that having a landscape that provides extended seasonal color and fragrance doesn't cost a client any more money. 


Imagine shade where you want it, sun when you want it, and a stimulating space on your property. 


Being stewards of the land is essential and something our office takes seriously. However, development doesn't have to be a bad thing. We do our part by focusing on Low Impact Development (LID). Our clients benefit because LID also has construction cost reduction benefits.

Commercial and residential landscape architecture is our passion.

Residential landscape concept in black and white.
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